The YO CHING is divided into 64 WREXAGRAMS. The 64 Wrexagrams of YO CHING break reality down to essential motherfucking elements. there is no situation in life that is not explained by one of the 64 wrexagrams of yo ching. 

These powerful ancient symbolS work like street signs on the road of life. They tell a Player where he's at, and how to move forward for best results. 

Every YO CHING Wrexagram starts with a real deep mystical symbol. These symbols hit your brain on subconscious levels. open the mind for real deep learning. Teach you in places words can’t reach. No other book on the planet works like YO CHING.

YO CHING is not meant to be read straight through. It is designed to be accessed in pieces. That lets brothers trip with it however they want. Ask Yo ching questions and receive direct answers, or just pick it up and flip through the pages. YO CHING WISDOM has survived THE TEST OF TIME. It never get old. You will return to YO CHING AGAIN AND AGAIN, finding MORE WISDOM EVERY TIME YOU DO.




YO CHING teaches you how to recognize when life changes. IT HELPS YOU READ THE FUTURE by understanding the RHYTHM OF THE PRESENT. Don’t matter if you in prison or the president. If you’re trying to get paid, get into university, or just get through the damn day. REALITY HAS LAWS. Same power running the heavens runs them streets. ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND and move with this power, You roll with real deep forces. the game changes. You become a True player. 

True players GET THE JUMP ON EVERY OTHER MOTHERFUCKER OUT THERE by making the RIGHT DECISIONS AT THE RIGHT TIME. In business, relationships, or whatever they doing, true players move natural. They with the rhythm of things.

Moving with the rhythm of things makes life flow. This helps True players increase their power, boost their status, bond with the right brothers, dodge the crab asses, roll on the best plays, and run things right. 

Through YO CHING you will learn to Bring it. You will know how to handle ILL SHIT. You will understand when it’s time to MAINTAIN and how to do that. Brothers will learn how to SHINE when shit gets LEGENDARY, and how to PULL BACK when it’s DARK OUT. Yo ching shows how to handle SLIM THINGS and deal with females when they FEELING IT. YO CHING will teach players how to BRING IT TOGETHER and run a crew. YO CHING understands when it’s time to JUST HANDLE BUSINESS and have advice for all that STRESS GETTING STARTED. It tells brothers when to CHILL or start ROLLING. It tells a brother when to act LOW KEY and when to BREAK IT DOWN. It has rules for times of PEACE and how to handle FAMILY. Yo Ching tells a brother when to PUSH IT ALONG and when to go BOOM on that BREAKTHROUGH that will lead to a BUMP UP in status and get the whole crew PAID FOR REAL.

Imagine having the SMARTEST BROTHER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD as your trusted advisor. Somebody who has seen and done it all and has your back NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN. Someone who will never lie, cheat or ever miss one damn beat in the game. THAT’S WHAT IT’S LIKE when you use the 64 wrexagrams of yo ching power for life guidance.


when you roll with yo ching



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