The Ill Brother Under Water

Recently a real ill tragedy happened in Europe. Some Danish motherfucker who made his own submarine invited a journalist to roll with him through the ocean. She ended up real dead. Floated to the surface without her head.


When we first read this tragic news, a passage from YO CHING came to mind:



Little Plays


“…Motherfuckers who play righteous get fucked. They all proud of being clean and feel like nothing will touch them. They ain’t ready for that real ill shit brewing in dark corners. Be twisted brothers out there who break it down real hardcore. Proud righteous motherfuckers never understand that. Then they get hit. That’s when they understand how ill shit can get. But it’s too late.”


She was smart, real smart when it came to school. But poorly lacking in reality skills. We at YO CHING would not like to capitalize on this horror and tragedy, but merely use it as a painful lesson for others. Perhaps her senseless death will not be in vain.

God bless this woman’s memory and peace to her family. We at YO CHING are not saying the woman was proud, or even righteous. That’s harsh. YO CHING teachings must be adapted and interpreted for every situation. In this situation, this particular passage comes to mind because the woman was really naïve about life. She was very well educated, spoke 8 different languages, had a distinguished European family with credentials and ties to all sorts of accomplishment in journalism, social causes, the art world, etc. and what have you. That type of background can make a person feel righteous, in that they stand for all the good things in this world. Education, humanitarian causes, religion, all that. 

It can also blind people to reality.

I promise you, any woman who ever did any real time in real streets would know not to get in a motherfucking submarine with some European eccentric motherfucker who built that shit himself.

Why the hell did she get on a submarine with some motherfucker she don’t even know? 

Because she was removed from reality.

This poor woman might have known—intellectually—how ill life could be. But she never rolled into that shit or been worked over by it. So she didn’t really know how ill life could be. She was not brought up with Reality. She was brought up with righteous causes and noble ideas. They are all fine and important. But streets roll real different from that shit.

We at YO CHING are noticing this about the younger generation coming up. Women especially are brought up in this “you-go-girl” bubble where everything is designed for their protection and advancement. That’s all well and good. But all that flips with some crazy ass Danish motherfucker in some submarine who rolls underwater in darkness. He don't give a fuck about what's right. Or he just born wrong. People like that flip ill. You never know where anybody is coming from in this world. You never know when people or places will flip ill. personally, this player won't even go to a damn PARTY on a motherfucking boat, let alone roll underwater with some Danish motherfucking Captain Nemo I ain't ever met. 


How did this poor woman think this shit was a smart play?  




Why did not one person break down some logic on this woman? Where was her boyfriend, her family? Just one motherfucker with half a slice of sense in their mind to say: Look, you’re a pretty young woman, and you’re about to lock yourself in a tank, under the ocean, with some motherfucker who is building a submarine through a crowd-sourcing site who YOU AIN'T EVER MET.

Oh, how could anything possibly go wrong with that?


This is tragic. Purely tragic. She learned too late how ill life is. Truth is, the Ill Shit is out there. Just because you believe in everything that is righteous don’t make the wrong disappear. And people who are righteous about what’s right in this world are blind to how darkness works. They get hit hardest, and find out too late how ill life really is. 

Now some poor family is burying their baby girl.

Deep apologies, blessings and regrets to the poor woman’s family and her spirit. We hope her tragedy opens eyes to people and lets them know that what they teach you in school about everything Righteous or debate about at dinner parties don’t cover reality as it plays out on streets.

Or under the damn sea.

Please, people. Be real out there.


YO CHING: Ancient Knowledge For Streets Today

the ill brother in his home made submarine

the ill brother in his home made submarine




ain't no place to be with some motherfucker you never met. Please. 

ain't no place to be with some motherfucker you never met. Please. 

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